Cosmetic Acupuncture

Get glowing skin with our facial rejuvenation treatments!

Cosmetic acupuncture is safe and effective and there is no down time, unlike most other invasive cosmetic treatments. Read more about our aesthetic services below.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Definition:

What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture     Facial rejuvenation acupuncture “Acu-lift” is a comprehensive, effective treatment for improving muscle tone, reducing puffiness, and minimizing fine lines. It is becoming extremely popular because it is an effective non-invasive therapy to enhance the skin’s appearance. Many people are choosing to revitalize their look with a youthful glow and vibrant healthy skin with this safe and far less expensive alternative to surgery. Acupuncture treats the underlying cause of pre-mature aging by stimulating your body and immune system to revitalize your skin. It has been shown to increase blood and lymph circulation to the face, stimulate collagen production, balance hormones, eliminate puffiness, and can even help those with severe acne and rosacea. Clients also note a reduction of fine lines and a dramatic reduction in deep wrinkles, decreased sagging, improved muscle tone, pores appear smaller, cheek bones are defined, eyes are brighter, and stress is less evident on the face. Patients say it has taken 5-15 years off their face and they have a relaxed glow! Cosmetic acupuncture is safe and effective and there is no down time, unlike most other invasive cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments:

What are the benefits of facial rejuvenation acupuncture?

Your body reacts to the acupuncture points by going into “repair mode” and through stimulation of your lymphatic and circulatory systems. Together, these systems attempt to heal from the tiny needles by sending oxygen and other nutrients to nourish your skin from within. The needles also stimulate collagen production to minimize lines and increase elasticity.

As a result of these changes, you may notice a more even skin tone and a brighter outward appearance.

You may experience numerous benefits after a facial rejuvenation acupuncture session, including:

  • Increased collagen production
  • Decreased under-eye bags and puffiness
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter skin around your jowls and cheeks
  • Hormonal balancing for acne or dry skin
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Tighter pores
  • Fewer stress lines “Look less stressed”!
  • A fresher, more youthful appearance
  • Improved color and more even skin tone
  • An energized feeling

If you’re ready to take a natural approach to facial rejuvenation, consider the many benefits of facial rejuvenation acupuncture instead of more invasive techniques or artificial solutions. Call Starting Point at (425) 686-4498 to schedule your Glowing Skin Consult today!

Dr. Ellie Pain and Migraine Specialist


Dr. Ellie Heintze, ND, LAc, is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist in Bothell, WA at her practice Starting Point Acupuncture. She is a pain specialist, seeing people who suffer from chronic pain, migraines, as well as digestive issues. Offering pain relief injections, acupuncture, and nutrition consults. Most insurances accepted. Dr. Ellie Heintze is also the author of the book, A Starting Point Guide to Going Gluten-Free on Amazon.