Acupuncture and Detox

Acupuncture can assist the body’s natural detoxification and chemical production to relieve withdrawal symptoms, cravings, help manage stress, and level emotions.

Detoxification Definition:

Detoxification is a normal process of the human body and works to clear toxins out of the body.

Detoxification Causes:

Detoxification occurs in the liver, kidney, digestive tract, and skin working to clear toxins and waste from the body. Intake of medications increase detox reactions in the liver.

Detoxification Symptoms:

Symptoms that a medical detox maybe indicated are increasing skin issues (acne and breakouts, skin rashes), poor digestion, recovering from alcohol or drug withdrawals, following smoking cessation, and development of chemical sensitivities or environmental allergies, and more.

Detoxification Treatments:

Along with acupuncture, natural medicine will be used to guide the body’s own detox mechanisms. Therapies that maybe used are adding specific herbs to help reduce toxins in the body, decrease inflammation, and to enhance functions of the liver. This in combination with acupuncture will boost the detoxification process and make it more efficient and effective. Herbs and essentials oils, hydrotherapy techniques, and dietary adjustments during a time of detox maybe suggested.