Fertility Enhancement

Acupuncture and natural medicine have been shown to enhance fertility.

Research suggests that acupuncture may be helpful to couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Fertility Enhancement Definition:

Infertility is defined as not being able to conceive after unprotected sex for 12 months.

Fertility Enhancement Causes:

Infertility of both male and female partners, may be due to a single cause or a combination of factors that may prevent a pregnancy from occurring.

  • Abnormal or insufficient sperm production, motility issues
  • overexposure to chemicals or toxins
  • ovulation disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, primary ovarian insufficiency
  • endometriosis
  • thyroid issues
  • many more

Fertility Enhancement Symptoms:

Symptoms of infertility of both male and females may be only the inability to conceive but may have other associated symptoms such as:

  • abnormal periods
  • no periods
  • skin changes
  • weight gain
  • emotional disturbances
  • pain during intercourse
  • problems with ejaculation or erection

Fertility Enhancement Treatments:

Acupuncture and natural medicine have been shown to enhance fertility in couples trying to conceive. Acupuncture and natural medicine focus on treating the root cause of the issue leading to fertility issues. Acupuncture has shown to especially be an effective conjunctive treatment for couples going through IVF treatment, as it can enhance the success of the treatment.