Gluten-Free Recipe: Beef Stew

easy and allergy-friendly!

Try this gluten-free allergy recipe! I always suggest making dinners that are healthy and easy to make. "Bulk" meals are the way to go!

Looking for an easy to make, allergy-friendly dinner?

Try this gluten-free allergy recipe!

I suggest making dinners that are healthy and easy to make. “Bulk” meals are the way to go!

By preparing your meals ahead of time it will save a lot of time and stress during the week. This is especially important for families eating with food restrictions, not knowing “what to eat” and “how to make allergy-friendly meals. Planning is especially important. I suggest writing a grocery list with all the items you need to make 2 bulk meals for the week and cooking them on the weekend. Storing the meals in single serving containers that can be frozen or put in the fridge for the new few days. That way the stress of making dinner and availability of allergy-friendly foods will be quick and easy!

Try this gluten-free recipe below for a quick dinner idea:


Gluten-free recipe

Slow cooker

1 package of organic grass-fed beef stew meat (1-2 pounds)

1 package of cut and peeled carrots

1 cut and cubed onion

1/2 package of shiitake mushrooms

10 russet potatoes (can be red, yellow, or purple or even sweet potatoes), cut in quarters

1 quart of bone broth or stock

1 tsp salt

1-2 tsp (spices can vary: adding turmeric, sage, rosemary, bay leaf) to taste


Place all ingredients, except for the mushrooms in a slow cooker. Cook on high for 4-5 hours, adding the mushrooms in the last hour of cooking. (Note: slow cookers can vary in time and temperature). Cook until meat is tender and potatoes are done.

Makes 5-7 single-serving meals

Gluten-Free Beef Stew

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