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What is in your cup?

Wellness tea blends have so many benefits. It is like a soothing and healthy way to compliment treatments. Most people think of Green tea as being “the only tea” but there are SO many other herbs that have powerful health benefits. With the right combination, wellness teas can have very specific functions. Dr. Ellie has created several wellness tea blends to address common ailments seen at her clinic. Immune support, sleep issues and relaxation, and inflammation. All blends are sourced from organic ingredients and in the perfect proportion. And they taste yummy too!

DefenseRx TeaDefenseRx Wellness Tea Blend:

DefenseRx is perfect for sore throats, supporting your immune system to helping fight off whatever germs are around. It is carefully blended with immune boosting herbs: ginger, mint, licorice root, orange peel, clove, echinacea, and astragalus root. Plus, it tastes really good, too! Drink daily or as needed for added support!

Ginger: Dr. Ellie’s #1 herb. Ginger is not only great at fighting infections but supports digestion, controls nausea, and can reduce pain.

Mint: will also soothe an upset stomach and other digestive complaints. Some herbalists recommend it for heartburn. Its refreshing aroma can aid in mental focus, too. Additionally, it’s reportedly effective for coughing and congestion.

Licorice root: has a natural earthy sweetness. Licorice teas may be used to ease stomach troubles, heartburn, colds, and sore throats. (They may also raise blood pressure, so use caution with large amounts of licorice, especially consumed long term.)

Orange peel: is used in herbal tea formulas because of its high concentration of vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties. It can also help to support the respiratory system due to its high antioxidant components.

Clove: is very high in antioxidants, contains key nutrients, stimulates blood flow, and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Echinacea: The leader in immune support and can help to shorten the duration of a cold. Echinacea is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral as well as being anti-inflammatory and supporting the respiratory system.

Astragalus root: (aka Huang qi) is best known for it’s use in Chinese Medicine and is a first class immune supportive herb as well as an adaptogen.

ZenCupRx TeaZenCupRx Wellness Tea Blend:

Our signature tea to keep you in your Zen state! ZenCupRx is a perfect tea to drink in the evening to promote healthy sleep. We think it’s the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day! ZenCupRx is crafted to include: chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, rose petals, and valerian root, so it’s yummy, soothing, and good for you! Get your ZenSleep on!


Chamomile: is a calming herb, used for soothing an upset stomach and promoting sleep.

Spearmint: is a soothing and cool immune booster but also used to curb nausea and improves mental clarity.

Lemon balm: (aka Melissa officinalis) leaves have a subtle lemon flavor, plus a calming effect. It’s often used for digestive problems, pain, anxiety, or sleep issues.

Rose petals: petals contain Vitamin C and polyphenols (a type of antioxidant).

Valerian root: is another calming herb. Many people take it for insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, or even muscle and joint pain. Valerian’s effects reach full strength after a few weeks of regular use.

InflaGuardRx TeaInflaGuardRx:

InflaGuardRx is your must have for inflammation and pain. Plus, it is also great for overall wellness, digestion, and immune support. Crafted in perfect proportion of Turmeric root and Ginger. Two powerhouse anti-inflammatory herbs to keep you tuned-up and running smooth, it’s a one-two punch against inflammation. Stop inflammation now with InflaGuardRx!



Turmeric root: The powerhouse anti-inflammatory herb. Curcumin, the main active ingredient in Turmeric is a strong antioxidant, neuroprotective, supports the cardiovascular system, and eases pain.

Ginger root: Dr. Ellie’s #1 herb. Ginger is not only great at fighting infections but supports digestion, controls nausea, and can reduce pain.


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