Monthly Wellness Special: Boost Your Immune System Now!

Monthly special Immune boost

September Monthly Special:

Ready for the cold and flu season?

It is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to prepare!

  • Do you frequently get sick?
  • Work in a crowded office or school?
  • Sick of having to miss work days because of the cold or flu?

Then building up and supporting your immune support is key for overall health but especially to decrease your chances of getting sick.

When you take a personalized approach to your wellness plan, you get results that fit you. I have found in my practice that using integrated care is essential for sparking wellness and supporting the immune system.

That is why I formulated this wellness plan to give you all the tools your body needs to be supported.

The treatments that I found to be effective at supporting the immune system and building defenses against bugs are therapeutic injections using specific formulas a mix of homeopathic immune support or vitamins injected in acupuncture points. Read more about the benefits of therapeutic injections, here. It works with the systemic nature of acupuncture to help the body heal and support immune system, providing a 1-2 punch at preventing colds.

It’s time to build your defenses, naturally!

Immune Support

There are three wellness package options to choose from fit to your specific needs. Most people find the most benefit from the entire monthly package as it is a customized and holistic approach to boosting your immune system to stay healthy during the cold and flu season.


DefenseRx TeaMonthly specialKitchen Medicine


Monthly special packages start as low as $180 for a month’s worth of treatment/supplements. To check out our wellness packages, click here!


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