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Get your natural glow on with Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture, the No-tox Approach

Tired of looking tired and stressed? What to do about those facial wrinkles that make you look older than you really are? There are so many cosmetic options out there now but how do you know which ones are right for you and which ones are safe? You got facial fillers, cosmetic surgery, lasers, microneedling, PRP “vampire facials”, and Botox injections. If you are looking for a safe, effective, and natural approach to anti-aging and skin health consider the “No-tox” approach.

In this article we will explore Botox and offer a “no-tox” alternative.


cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation


One of the most common cosmetic treatments for reducing fine lines and wrinkles is Botox. But what exactly is Botox and what are the potential (often not talked about) side effects.

Botox aka Botulinum toxin is a potentially deadly anaerobic bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. You might have heard of it in school in history class or biology as people often died from contaminated food from improper canning. As a bacteria, botulinum is a neurotoxin and can cause trouble swallowing, loss of voice, loss of muscle function, dry mouth, and even paralysis.

History of Botox

Around the 1970s, researchers began to explore the therapeutic us of Botulinum to treat an eye disorder, strabismus due to the paralyzing effects the toxin has on the nervous system which would help people with that condition. Soon after, the FDA approved Botox for other conditions such as hyperhidrosis or persistent sweating. Currently, there are four botulinum toxin preparations approved by the FDA.

Botox works by paralyzing the muscles by inhibiting the neurotransmitter acetyl-choline specifically.

But there are several types of neurotoxins found in Botulinum and Type A is commonly used for cosmetic procedures. Even though Botox treatments done on the face have low risks there are several side effects and even risk of systemic risks of the drug spreading to other parts of the body. There has been documented reports of anaphylactic reactions to Botox and even death.


Botox for facial wrinkles

What can it do cosmetically?

The studies show that due to its paralysis effects the results can last 3-6 months then further treatments to be done. So, this is only a temporary fix as after a certain time the paralysis that is occurring in the muscles will dissolve.

Is it safe?

There is new evidence showing that facial injections of Botox can rearrange the brain’s sensory map. In the brain the hand and face regions are right next to each other and often a disruption in signaling in one region can affect the other. What the new research is looking at is even with small loss of function in facial movements, that occur with Botox injections, that it can affect the sensory and cortical brain activity in both hands. According to Psychology today, the key they are finding is the “changes in brain remapping are dose-dependent: the more you use, the bigger the effect.”

The issue is that since there are limited paralysis effects from the injections people often come back in for more injections. New research is now studying what these repeat injections are doing to the brain.

In my opinion, the risk is too great. You may look better temporarily but what is it doing to your brain long-term? Will you loose sensory function in your hands? No, thanks!

But what if there was a treatment that would work WITH your body, have NO side effects, NO down-time, and have longer and safer results?

Enter FCA aka Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture, the No-tox Approach

Facial cosmetic acupuncture the no-tox Botox


With FCA, you are using the amazing whole-body approach of acupuncture but with a more beauty focused twist. FCA has been shown in studies to stimulate collagen and elastin production, improve facial tone, decrease wrinkles, under eye puffiness, help heal acne and acne scars, and improve skin quality. Facial cosmetic acupuncture is the essence of holistic approach to healing. Not only will you look and feel less stressed but you will promote your natural glow and get all the other benefits acupuncture provides!

If you are looking for a “no-tox” treatment that has lasting results, consider our innovative facial rejuvenation program. Treating the underlying cause while helping your own body to heal. Providing a safe, natural, and effective solution to common facial cosmetic concerns.


Facial rejuvenation with acupuncture in Bothell


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Dr. Ellie Heintze, ND, LAc, is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist in Bothell, WA at her practice Starting Point Acupuncture. She is a pain specialist, seeing people who suffer from chronic pain, migraines, as well as digestive issues. Offering pain relief injections, acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, and nutrition consults. Most insurances accepted. Dr. Ellie Heintze is also the author of the book, A Starting Point Guide to Going Gluten-Free on Amazon.


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