13 Ways To Be More Productive Every Day

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13 Ways To Be More Productive Every Day

First, you must decide what productivity means to you.

Is it “working on your to-do list?”

GSD aka “getting stuff done”


Productivity is defined as “The state or quality of producing something; the effectiveness of productive effort.”

So, you’ve got to prioritize achieving results ahead of staying in your comfort zone – and stop making excuses! You’ve probably also heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder”?

In this post I am going to provide some ideas for how to help achieve your goals, no matter what they are…remember don’t over think, just do!

Here are 13 ways to be more productive every single day:

  1. Marie Kondo-ing your office and workspace. This will help to create a pleasant and decluttered workstation that will help you to GSD!
  2. Positive pep-talk daily. “I got this”, “I adapt easily to change”, “I am successful and productive” “I excel at what I do”
  3. Make your goals manageable – not unrealistic and unreachable.
  4. Set out the next day’s goals the night before. Revisit them for 5 minutes in the morning.
  5. Make priority lists not ‘To Do’ lists. Get priorities done first, then work on the rest.
  6. Don’t multitask – I know, this probably goes against what you’re actually trying to do but consider that doing multiple things at once (too many balls in the air) causes you to do each task much more slowly and less efficiently than if you were to just focus on just ONE task – and do it really well!

  7. Identify your time-suckers and eliminate them! What causes you to spend way too much time on? Save that for the last thing in the day or don’t do them at all.
  8. Avoid distractions. This can be as simple as turning off phone or computer notifications. Turning your phone onto silent. Only having one device on at a time. Not having Facebook up on your computer while you are at work or working.
  9. Check email in the afternoon so you don’t spend your day simply putting out fires!
  10. Make sure to take breaks! Get up from seated and walk around for 5-10 minutes at least every 40 minutes. This helps to fight fatigue and burnout during the afternoon.
  11. Recognize your accomplishments and build in rewards for effort – but not necessarily for the achievement itself.
  12. Drink more water. Did you know that being just mildly dehydrated can lower your work performance by 25-50%?!
  13. And finally…keep your blood sugar in check! Having protein focused snacks handy and eating regular meals, seems like a no-brainer but it can help keep focus and productivity up! Fuel your body, fuel your brain!

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