Biopuncture | Therapeutic Pain Relief Injections

What is Biopuncture | Pain Relief Injections?

Pain Relief Injections also known as Biopuncture is a therapy to aid in the relief and prevention of chronic pain. Working to stimulate healing and calm nerve inflammation that is leading to joint pain and muscle pain/spasm. It involves the injection of sterile biological products into specific locations on the body.


Think of pain relief injections as the natural version of cortisone, without all the toxic effects.


The pain relief injections are used under the skin or into acupuncture points to stimulate an immune response, decrease pain and inflammation, speed recovery, and restore energy. The substances are mostly derived from plants such as natural homeopathic formulas and Dextrose (D5W).


The goal of pain relief injections is to stimulate the natural inflammatory processes in order to get a complete and natural healing of the injured tissues.  Unlike Cortisone injections which you can only have a limited number and studies have found links to joint damage, natural pain relief injections have no side effects and can have unlimited injections.



When would you get therapeutic injections | biopuncture?

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Common indications for Biopuncture include: Wrist pain, elbow pain, tennis elbow, neck, mid-back, lower back pain; various tendon problems (carpal tunnel, knee pain); shoulder pain; tension headache, etc.  Therapeutic Injections are very successful for treating sports injuries and the relief of tight and sore muscles.

The use of biotherapeutic injections can benefit patients who have tried conventional medicine but have had no success. Biopuncture and Pain Relief Injections works great in conjunction with acupuncture for pain and inflammation reduction and speeding healing.

What kind of products are injected?

Products commonly used in Therapeutic Injections are, for example, 5% Dextrose, certain homeopathics to calm muscle spasms, and lidocaine. The injections may consist of a mixture of natural products depending on what is indicated. Homeopathic substances are micro-doses of natural extracts used at a low dose.

Examples of homeopathic substances used are: Trammel for inflammation in the setting of sports injuries and inflammation, Zeel for chronic joint pain, Spascupreel for muscle spasms/cramps, and Lymphomyosot for lymphatic drainage in chronically swollen or congested tissues.  These products are combined with a local anesthetic medicine like lidocaine. Lidocaine maybe used not only to slightly numb the area for injection but in small dosages can stimulate the body to begin its own process of healing. Vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients can also be injected and the most common one is vitamin B12 (read more on Vitamin B12 here). Vitamin B12 injections remain the gold standard for administering B12 and it is most commonly used in cases of B12 deficiency anemia, fatigue, and nerve pain.


What does the research say?

In June 2004, in the medical journal, Clinical and Developmental Immunology – a peer-reviewed, conventional medical journal – researchers showed that Traumeel inhibited IL-1ß and TNF-alpha secretion.  Both of these immune mediators are associated with increased inflammation and tissue damage.  Traumeel has also been shown to shorten recovery time for acute sports injuries.  (Orizola A et al. 2007).

Are Therapeutic Injections Safe?

The solutions are not in high concentration. They contain diluted products. Therefore, toxic side effects are very unlikely. The medications used in Biopuncture are manufactured by companies that guarantee the production quality of their products. Most of the solutions are made in Germany, under strict quality control regulations.  Clinical studies on thousands of patients have confirmed the safety of solutions like Traumeel and Zeel. If you have a known allergy to lidocaine, procaine, or any substances please notify one of our doctors. At your initial visit, our doctors will explain biopuncture, substances used, and go over risks and what to expect after the treatment to ensure optimal safety and success of the treatments.


What are the risks?

It is clear that the physician who decides to use Biopuncture will always do so according to the latest technical and therapeutic standards.  This includes correct injection technique and appropriate infectious precautions with disposable one-time use needles. The most common adverse effects after treatment are a small red area after injection or small bruise. You may also feel tired for 24 hours after treatment or symptoms may get worse but start to improve within 24 hours after the first treatment. Serious side effects are rare.


How do I prepare for Biopuncture?

Do not drink coffee or strong green or black tea for at least an hour before treatment. Avoid getting massage the day of the treatment. Do not take aspirin, fish oils, or other non-prescription blood thinners for 3 days before Biopuncture. Notify your practitioner if you take prescription blood thinners. If you bruise easily, take 1500mg of vitamin C and 500 mg of bioflavonoids twice daily.

After Biopuncture, do not exercise, use a sauna, or use a hot tub for 5 hours after treatment. No deep tissue massage for 2-3 days after treatment.


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