Telehealth | Virtual Consults

Telehealth | Virtual Consults at Starting Point Acupuncture

Virtual Consults aka Telehealth are office visits but done virtually with HIPAA compliant video chat. These visits are like continued health coaching to promote wellness and compliment our treatments.

The benefits of telehealth visits is that they can be done anywhere, eliminates the need to travel to the office, and provides the same quality of care as in-person office visits.

Telehealth Virtual Consults

Call us today (425) 686-4498 to schedule your telehealth visit with Dr. Heintze.

Telehealth | Virtual visits can be used to discuss many different concerns including:

✅ Promoting and finding strategies for calming anxiety and stress management

✅ Diet and nutrition game plan

✅ Food allergies and meal planning

✅ Immune Balance and wellness

✅ Maintaining a healthy weight, improving sleep, and energy

✅ Discuss labs and return office visits

Just to name a few…

If you are a NEW patient, we are now doing all initial consults via telehealth, consults are $49.

For RETURN PATIENTS: If you do not have office visit coverage, telehealth visits are based on time, $75 per 15-minute increments.

Most insurances DO cover telehealth and will fall under your naturopathic office visit benefit. 

Call us today to set-up your wellness telehealth appointment, (425) 686-4498!