Heart health tips

Best Natural Ways to Improve Heart Health

June 11, 2019

Best Natural Ways to Improve Heart Health Heart health is extremely important. Without a healthy heart, the body does not function properly. Your brain needs a healthy blood supply so you can think and process information clearly, our limbs need blood to help you move, and all your organs need that blood supply to keep…

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Nutrition for heart health in Bothell, Washington.

Nourishing the heart

June 26, 2017

Nourishing the heart The heart is an energetic system we often treat in Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Chinese Medicine theory, there are many systems of energy within the body. Each of these systems corresponds to certain physiological and psychological functions. So when we talk about the heart, the lungs, the liver. However, when we…

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Tips to keep your heart in balance with acupuncture

Tips to help your heart stay in balance

February 1, 2017

The organs in Chinese medicine are more than just a physical representation. The organs include not only their physiological function, but also their mental, emotional, spiritual and elemental qualities that align with nature and the seasons. Let’s explore these tips to help your heart stay in balance. The heart season is summer, and heart is…

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