Kitchen Nutrition Food is Medicine

Did you know food is medicine?

September 1, 2023

Did you know FOOD IS MEDICINE? In my practice I see a lot of people wanting to know what to eat and how those foods create wellness. Did you know that food is medicine and if you eat certain foods it can help to do certain things in the body? Yep! In Chinese medical theory,…

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Transitioning to Fall

September 12, 2021

Transitioning to Fall The leaves are changing and temperatures are getting cooler. This season is a time for the body to begin gathering energy for the colder months to come. Transitioning to fall can come with challenges but eating the right foods and staying at the top of your game will help keep you healthy…

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Top Healthy Breakfast Foods

Top Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods

May 28, 2020

Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods Do you love your breakfast or have a short list of “go-to” recipes? Need a bit of inspiration to start eating breakfast again? Getting some protein at each meal can help with blood sugar management, metabolism and weight loss. This is because protein helps you feel fuller longer and uses…

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chocolate coconut gluten-free vegan recipe

{Recipe}: Chocolate Coconut Cake

May 10, 2016

Chocolate Coconut Cake Recipe It’s your birthday, eat cake if you want to! Well, it was my birthday recently and for my birthday present my mother-in-law generously did the most epic experimental baking ever! She is always up to the challenge and I requested a chocolate gluten-free and vegan cake. Little did I know it…

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egg allergy and vegan baking

{Recipe}: Egg Substitute for Vegan Baking

May 1, 2016

Egg substitute for vegan baking: If you are vegan (meaning you do not eat meat, dairy, or eggs) or if you have an egg allergy, baking is often a challenge. Why? The egg! Most baked goods have eggs in the recipe and after doing some “experimental” baking you quickly realize that not all egg replacers…

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Traveling Gluten-free: Tip #2

December 15, 2015

Traveling Gluten-Free: Traveling and being gluten-free can be quite a challenge, only if you are not prepared. Being gluten-free for more than 8 years, I have learned some easy tips for preparing for any food situation while traveling. A lot can happen: you can forget your snacks, you go to a restaurant while on vacation…

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Traveling Gluten-Free: Easier than you might think

December 11, 2015

Traveling Gluten-Free: Airplane Food?! Being gluten-free sometimes is a daunting thought when traveling. Now with more people requesting gluten-free options, more places are fulfilling the demand! I recently traveled to Chicago, which from Seattle is a pretty long flight. I always come prepared with snacks and protein bars just in case there is “nothing I…

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Gluten-free food allergy fest 2015

The Top Three Things I Learned at the Gluten-Free Expo

November 1, 2015

This past September, Portland hosted the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest (GFFAFest). For those of you gluten-free foodies who did not attend, I thought I would give a quick synopsis of what the whole experience was like. This event was eye-opening for me not only as a naturopathic doctor but also as a gluten-sensitive food snob.…

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Gluten-free recipe

Gluten-Free Recipe: Black Bean Pancakes

September 8, 2015

Looking for a different and delicious gluten-free and vegan breakfast recipe?  Try these Mexican-style black bean pancakes, good for breakfast or for any meal! In food processor blend: 1 can black beans 2-3 fresh roasted peppers 1/2 onion Pinch of salt Pinch cayenne Then mix in: 1/2 cup applesauce (egg-replacer, if not vegan or allergic…

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Gluten-Free Recipe: Rhubarb Cake

August 13, 2015

Cream 1/3 cup coconut oil 1 ½ cup sugar 1 ripe banana Sift 2 cups gluten free flour 1 tsp soda ½ tsp salt Stir together 1 cup coconut milk 4 cups chopped and stewed rhubarb (Stew rhubarb in microwave for 10 minutes or more before adding to other cake ingredients.) Combine all above ingredients…

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