Traveling Gluten-Free: Easier than you might think

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If you are traveling this holiday season, know that most airlines now offer a gluten-free option, just ask!

Traveling Gluten-Free: Airplane Food?!

Being gluten-free sometimes is a daunting thought when traveling. Now with more people requesting gluten-free options, more places are fulfilling the demand!

I recently traveled to Chicago, which from Seattle is a pretty long flight. I always come prepared with snacks and protein bars just in case there is “nothing I can eat” at the airport, and especially on the plane. I have been gluten-free for over 8 years and have come quite use to the care and planning it takes when traveling. I do my research to see what options are offered at the airport and even around the city I am traveling to so I know right were to go once I land. I was quite surprised on the flight to Chicago that Alaska Airlines is “gluten-free” friendly. They actually had a gluten-free snack box option, that just happened to also be vegan and kosher. So, I decided to splurge a little and get one, just to see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised. It really was quite yummy and totally worth the $6!

Gluten-free travel tips

Gluten-free travel tips


Every ingredient was clearly labeled and most of the items contained only what was advertised, ex. apricots, contained only apricots…who would have thought! The snack box contained: Quinoa multi-grain chips, organic hummus, snack olives, almonds, apricots, and a piece of dark chocolate. It really was a complete “whole foods kind of snack” and fun to eat on the plane. I felt full afterwards and it really gave me energy to push through to the end of the flight and provided sustained energy to make it to baggage claim and to the rental car.

So, if you are traveling this holiday season, know that most airlines now offer this option, just ask!


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