Traveling Gluten-free: Tip #2

What to eat?!

Traveling and being gluten-free can be quite a challenge, only if you are not prepared.

Traveling Gluten-Free:

Traveling and being gluten-free can be quite a challenge, only if you are not prepared. Being gluten-free for more than 8 years, I have learned some easy tips for preparing for any food situation while traveling. A lot can happen: you can forget your snacks, you go to a restaurant while on vacation and they have nothing you can eat or you can’t find a place to eat. This is where planning and preparation comes in handy.

Tip #1: Always have snacks

…and lots of snacks. By snacks this could range from dried fruit, nuts, grapes, rice cakes, to even hypo-allergenic meal replacement bars (I like Biogenesis Mint Chocolate bars). By packing snacks with you in your carry-on, you can eat on the plane and will not be starving by the time the plane lands. Luckily, as in my previous post, most airlines now have a gluten-free snack box option!

Tip #2: Know some basic restaurants that can be your “go-to”

Gluten-free snacks

By locating local natural food stores, you can find easy gluten-free snacks that are quite good and healthy compared to alternatives. This item contained only organic potatoes, coconut oil, and sea salt. Yum!

My go-to place for breakfast while traveling is Starbucks. Yep, I said it, Starbucks. Why? They have an oatmeal option for breakfast (it is not certified gluten-free so if you have severe gluten-allergies I would not use this tip). It is just oats and water, and you can choose whether or not you want to put the sides of cranberries, walnuts, or brown sugar in. Starbucks are usually at every airport so a good option to grab a quick snack before getting on the plane. What about when you reach your final destination for vacation? Know the places you commonly eat at are probably also located in the place you are traveling to. Google to see if there are any Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, or even Red Robins near where you are staying. Also, look up places that you can probably find food to eat like Sushi, Thai, and Mexican restaurants. That way you have a plan, know where your “favorite” places are and maybe even stock up at Whole Foods a few items to keep at your hotel. Like breakfast items, fruits, and other snacks.

Tip #3: Bring your own food


Breakfast option: Instant gluten-free oatmeal and black coffee with coconut milk. Yum! Get coconut milk at a local store when you get to your destination.

When I travel, I get OCD about making sure I have enough to eat. Because as spoiled we are in Seattle, not every place will have a Whole Foods next door and especially in the mid-west, not everyone knows the “gluten-free lingo.” What do I usually pack? I pack a box of Gluten-Freeda instant oatmeal (so I can have breakfast no matter where I stay), a dozen or so of the meal-replacement protein bars, and individual hypoallergenic Vega protein shake packets (to make my own smoothie for snacks), and DIY trail mix snack bag (raisins, walnuts, dark chocolate chips, apricots, cashews).

When you are on vacation, eating out can be stressful but make it fun! Most places are getting on the “gluten-free” bandwagon mostly because customers are asking. Which is great because they are listening! Don’t be afraid to ask the server for a gluten-free menu or what their gluten-free options are. I have found the majority of the time the gluten-free meal items are more fresh and creative than standard menu items. So enjoy and have fun on your vacation- gluten-free style!


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