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Did you know Starting Point Acupuncture is on YouTube? Learn more below about our channel and check it out! Make sure to follow-us on Tiktok (@startingpointacupuncture) and Instagram (@drellieheintze) as well!

Acupuncture tips on our YouTube Channel

Did you know Starting Point Acupuncture is on YouTube?


If you love our short and informative (sometimes goofy) Tiktok Videos (tiktok: @startingpointacupuncture), then you will love our YouTube channel.

On YouTube we dive a little deeper into common question we get on acupuncture, chronic pain, migraine prevention tips, and relevant health topics! Videos are shorter yet provided more detail, bonus guides, and relevant health tips. Your Starting Point to achieving a pain-free life!

Common topics we cover are:

3 most common migraine triggers that you may not have heard of.

We dive into: how hormones changes, food allergies, and lifestyle habits can trigger migraines. AND 3 easy ways to help combat migraines and lead towards prevention!

Top 2 Secrets for Migraine Prevention

You’ll learn: the 2 most common triggers for migraines, what food allergies has to do with migraines, and how acupuncture can help migraine prevention and pain management.

4 Reasons to try acupuncture for your migraines

We dive deep into how: acupuncture works, how acupuncture can help curb migraine and chronic pain, and how to work towards migraine prevention.

3 Reasons you maybe tired no matter how much sleep you get

In this video you’ll learn: how your energy might affect sleep, dampness and how it affects your energy, and ways to get you unstuck to boost energy and sleep.

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